Car Mat Cleaner equipment versions

Car floor mats cleaning devices in 3 versions of type S, M and E

Wash-mat fully automatic car floor mats cleaner- machines are supplied with start button, mechanical or electronic coin designs.


Car Mat Cleaner is suitable, free provide the floor mat cleaning or to include this in your cleaning process and only your washing staff serving these

Car Mat Cleaner Type M - mechanical coin acceptor

Car Mat Cleaner is suitable, if you make the car floor mat cleaning as an extension of the service the customer. The default discriminator is set to €1 per use. The coin is adjusted so that a coin/token raises exactly an impulse for use.

Car Mat Cleaner Type E - with electronic coin acceptor

Car Mat Cleaner is suitable, if you make the car floor mat cleaning as an extension of the service the customer. We recommend the electronic coin checker, if you want to use your own laundry brands/chips for use. This can be, set arbitrarily on each value brand and amount of money where a repeated insertion of a coin is possible to achieve a pulse.
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