Your partner for car mat cleaners - fully automatic self serve cleaning machines

For the fully automatic car mat cleaners, we have adapted our machines to meet the needs of the service stations and in particular on the user friendliness of drivers cleaning.

The "fully automatic wash-mat technology" while cleaning the car floor mats always ensures a consistent cleaning results and best quality of cleaning.

The "fully automatic wash-mat technology" is currently based on three different applied technologies for cleaning processes mats. They are constantly not only optimised but also continuously developed.

Wash-mat auto floor mats cleaners (machines) are particularly suitable for car washes, car Washboxen, gas stations and service stations. Suitable for use as a working tool, car dealerships, car cleaning, car preparer and auto repair shops.

Cleaning of car floor mat by car mat cleaners is an indispensable part of the car cleaning in the area of self-service.

With the fully automated self-service car mat cleaners for the car floor mats cleaning motorists can an experience to enjoy the cleanliness in the car during the antibacterial and in everyday life.
A clean and dust-free auto Interior ensures health; a clean and allergy-free air in the car.

Your wash-Mat "car mat cleaners" team, Hamburg


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